Dark Sky: Virgo, 2019

This series is inspired by my contemplations of what “Dark Sky” means to me. Each piece in the series features the moon, a representation of Virgo, my birth sign, the earth, the sun and a caption that speaks to my night time random thoughts.

Hunter Moon explores the stress we put upon ourselves when we hunt for sleep in increasingly shorter nights. “I, as Virgo mediate the space between melatonin and natural night sky regulation of my circadian rhythms…

Harvest Moon, is a purely aesthetic piece where I became obsessed with representing the dark sky by the female representation of Virgo. “I as Virgo, cradle the moon as it exerts its influence on the oceans’ currents

Corvid Moon, inspired by the Pacific North West Indigenous creation beliefs that have Raven bringing the moon, sun and stars to mankind. “I, as Virgo ride the back of Raven in my sleep”

Strawberry Moon, is the given name for the full moon that appears around the time of the summer solstice. “I as Virgo, wakeful at the solstice, relish the bounty of Mother Earth”

Wolf Moon, a friend introduced me to the term for twilight in French “entre le chien et le loup” – between the dog and the wolf. WHile there are hardly any wolves here in the desert of Southern Arizona, the Coyotes are alive and well. Their calls at night herald an alternate reality right outside my window…

Celebrating water, 2019

Intelligence: Turned, carved Maple with walnut burl base. Embellishment: Aniline dye h:15″, l 13″ US$1500.00

Consequences: Turned and carved ambrosia maple . Embellishments: aniline dye, india ink. h:27″, d:22″ US$3500.00

Faith: turned and carved maple with sycamore pedestal. Embellishments: Pyrography, india inks and aniline dye. h:22″, l:15″ US$3500.00

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