Despite having enjoyed drawing and playing with mud since an early age, I came to think of myself as an artist fairly late on in life.

Full careers as both a clinical and research audiologist (UK, Canada and USA), a behavioural scientist in the high-tech world of mobile communications (Canada), and a Human Factors Investigator for the Transportation Safety Board of Canada opened my eyes to a variety of Human conditions.

My early career as a clinical and research audiologist helped me understand ways in which not understanding becomes isolating and how technology has limits. In mid-career I moved into the high tech world of telecommunications and started to understand how human ingenuity exceeds our capability to mitigate unforeseen consequences and in my later career as an accident investigator I learned how quickly we trade resiliency for efficiency.

I now work as an artist, creating sculptures that address anthropogenic climate change issues. I aspire to create work that encourages exploration, inquiry and understanding into the issues and challenges we face in mitigating climate change.

I am looking for ways in which my art can support efforts to create a broad consensus within communities to advance progressive strategies to address climate change.

My creative inspiration comes from consideration of the preciousness and precariousness of life. Our contemporary interaction with the natural world challenges the resiliency of both humanity and all other life. Here in the desert we see first hand how the natural world’s ability to adapt to our presence is tested. Humanity’s ceaseless hope that the natural world can adapt around us is an endless source of creative energy.

On a humorous note a friend of mine who speaks Spanish pointed out that Lomo is a pork cutlet in spanish😂. While I don’t think of myself as a pork cutlet, it is kind of cute.

Gallery Representation

2018/19 Baughman Gallery, Tubac, AZ
2020- On the Edge Contemporary Gallery, Tubac. AZ

Juried shows

Smithsonian “Water/Ways”, Tubac Presidio
Rio Compartido/Shared River, Lowe House, Tubac
Members Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts


Members Juried Show, Tubac Center of the Arts


“Path of the Cherimoya” ….. Perspectives on grief, loss, and emergence. http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/path-of-the-cherimoya-first-edition/26337271

“My Away, My Here and Belonging”: https://wp.me/pbg891-CJ

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