“Possibility” moves on to a new home

… Moving on…the back story and bon-voyage

Ambrosia Maple burl, bass wood, Poplar, copper wax gilding.
10.5” tall, 5.5” diameter
“The hollow sphere is smooth and light, yet its visually intriguing surface invites contemplation…
…fitting perfectly between palms, it warms to the touch inviting thoughts of the future”

It is always exciting to see work move on to a new home. At the time I created this piece, my world had been turned on its head, and I was struggling to see the future. The piece emerged subconsciously from the confluence of exploring the possibilities of inside/outside turning and my own emotional transition into “singlehood”. One afternoon, while swimming in our local pool, I became mesmerized by my shadow on the pool floor. It was a bright sunny afternoon and I was trying to make long powerful strokes. A small wake appeared close to my head and my shadow kept appearing, disappearing and reforming. From those fleeting reflections, I envisioned female forms emerging, phoenix like, from the old, incomplete world supporting a new world order that is yet to be defined.
Initially, the backs of the three female figures faced outwards and were turned as a single unit. The three sections were then rotated to face outwards and carved to reveal the front of the figures.
The Globe at the top is hollow and free to be held.

The new guardian of this piece has recently moved to Green Valley. It is always bitter sweet to leave a place that you love, but new places hold special excitement too. I hope that Possibility’s globe will inspire and hold new dreams of the future.

Bon voyage….

Egg Moon

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon.

I have almost finished listening to Robin Wall Kimmerer reading her book “Braiding Sweetgrass”. Her ability to weave botany, and indigenous story telling together to reveal and explain the reciprocity of the natural world has been liberating for me.
While I started this piece well before the book, I believe it to be have come from the same source of respect and wonder at the natural world that is powered by our sun.

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon. It captures the spirit of rebirth that fills the air in springtime. Trees start to leaf out and energize our world, birds build nests, and the natural world lets loose in exuberant regrowth and renewal. “I as Virgo, breath the sweet airs of spring” 16.5″ x 11″, Ambrosia Maple, Sycamore, Hard maple, glass

Last Moment

two wood-turned wine glass forms joined at their base to create a waited form. an hour-glass shape is carved out and inside we see the timer counting down. The outside is embellished with representations of polar ice, sea currents and wind

A turned vessel, inspired by the dramatic climate changes we are experiencing in our polar regions. The poles are represented at the “waist” of the sculpture. Peering inside the dim hour-glass cut out, we see the falling sand counting down time as we facilitate the demise of the world as we know it.

“Pole-bound Westerlies,
Tempestuous antarctic seas,
Ancient depths disturbed”

“Last Moment”
6.5″ x 2.75″, Maple.
Turned, engraved and dyed

Rear View

Inner Light

There’s exquisite beauty in agaves that are giving way to their off-spring

There’s something fascinating about how cactus age. For this agave, its ability to sustain upright leaves is fading. The cat’s claw imprints that outer leaves emboss on inner leaves have started to fade. The base of the leaves start to crumple but glow with rich colors of pinks and gold. young plants “pup” from the parent and pop up several feet away.

Water color, 9″ x 12″. Cold pressed Arches paper