The good news: My Dark Sky sculpture “Hunter Moon” has been juried into the Fall 2020 Tubac Center of the Arts Members’show. The show opens on November 20, 2020. The opening reception will be on Facebook live and the gallery is open for visits. (

“Hunter Moon” was the first in a planned series of 12 sculptures to celebrate the Dark Sky. Each piece features a red moon, a representation of Virgo, my birth sign, the sun and the Earth. The titles are embellished with personal perspectives that challenge my often restless nights. “Hunter Moon” explores the trade offs that we make when we try to restore our exhausted natural biological rhythms.

My series ground to a halt and with it my creative energy for things 3D when Covid forced the closure of the community woodworking shop, where I work.

In September the woodshop reopened, and with it my creative energy for sculpture. My work hours are limited due to “an abundance of caution” but the 6th sculpture in the series “Thunder Moon” is on its way. It’s a piece has been rumbling around in my subconscious since the early summer when the promise of the Monsoon dangled expectantly. Well it never came. The heat and dryness have been relentless, punctuated with weeks of overcast smoke filled skies. The sunsets however were magnificent!. “Thunder Moon” represents my longing for the violent psychedelic storms that punctuate the normal summer months… “Thunder Moon – I as Virgo, want to dance in the light to the rhythm of your beat”.

Working with video for the first time

Completing my book “Path of the Cherimoya”

I have been using iMovie and Garage band on my Mac to compose short narratives for selected works. In the first YouTube video, “Path of the Cherimoya” I talk about my path to becoming a wood sculptor and introduce a pivotal piece that influenced my subsequent work in terms of integrating carving with turning and using transparent color. The second YouTube video, “Emptiness and Weightlessness” focuses again on a single piece of work. I talk about integrating a variety of turning strategies including inside/outside carving and thin-walled hollow turning, to visualize a story. The third video “Water Trilogy” showcases the techniques, challenges and motivation for creating three water themed sculptures.

My goal has been to keep these movies short. I have used my existing photo records for these retrospectives. I would be very interested in your comments and feedback. And if you are inclined, please don’t forget to “like” and subscribe.

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