Corvid Moon

I started the third sculpture in the Dark Sky-Virgo series last Friday. The raven is proving challenging. I am using some beautiful Birdseye maple for the body and wings of the bird. I turned a shaped open bowl, cut it up and started carving. Power burrs were the order of the day. By the end of Saturday I had roughed out the main shape and tail. I also integrated some thumb skin

Progress so far:

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Path of the Cherimoya

Dark Sky: Virgo

Tubac, an artists’ community near the border with Mexico is working towards an International Dark Sky designation ( As part of that effort the local organizers are working on a number of community events to celebrate the dark skies around Tubac. We have optical telescopes on nearby mountains so there are already some restrictions on lighting.

I’m anticipating a call to artists in the New Year and am trying to get a jump start on things. The full moon and the constellation Virgo will tie all the pieces together. The first piece, Hunter Moon is a commentary on our need to chase the night away with lights. As our bodies lose sight of the natural rhythms of day and night, so too our own internal circadian rhythms become disrupted. Many of us turn to pills to restore sleep. Virgo the constellation is revealed in the New Moon dark sky.

The second piece, Harvest Moon still features a red moon, but this time Virgo is front and center. The message lies in the harmony between the sun, earth and moon in the context of the cosmos represented by virgo, the maiden

The next pieces are still mind works…