Strawberry Moon

Turned and carved sculpture in wood depicting a sublime face of Virgo  as she is offered the strawberry moon by Mother Earth
Strawberry Moon

maple, rainbow poplar- turned and carved- aniline dyes and shellac finish

….I as Virgo, bathe in Mother Earth’s bounty

This piece is the fourth in my series celebrating the full moons.

Author: Marilyn

I'm an artist working primarily in wood. My work has taken a story-telling path over the past two years.

4 thoughts on “Strawberry Moon”

  1. I am loving seeing your genius explode on your wooden canvas giving beauty, light and sensitivity to the quiet power of the moon relecting Virgos sense and sensiilities.


    1. It’s so gratifying when we are able to connect through art. Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself through art, then someone like you makes a comment and we suddenly joined through a shared perspective. Thanks


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