Egg Moon

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon.

I have almost finished listening to Robin Wall Kimmerer reading her book “Braiding Sweetgrass”. Her ability to weave botany, and indigenous story telling together to reveal and explain the reciprocity of the natural world has been liberating for me.
While I started this piece well before the book, I believe it to be have come from the same source of respect and wonder at the natural world that is powered by our sun.

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon. It captures the spirit of rebirth that fills the air in springtime. Trees start to leaf out and energize our world, birds build nests, and the natural world lets loose in exuberant regrowth and renewal. “I as Virgo, breath the sweet airs of spring” 16.5″ x 11″, Ambrosia Maple, Sycamore, Hard maple, glass

Last Moment

two wood-turned wine glass forms joined at their base to create a waited form. an hour-glass shape is carved out and inside we see the timer counting down. The outside is embellished with representations of polar ice, sea currents and wind

A turned vessel, inspired by the dramatic climate changes we are experiencing in our polar regions. The poles are represented at the “waist” of the sculpture. Peering inside the dim hour-glass cut out, we see the falling sand counting down time as we facilitate the demise of the world as we know it.

“Pole-bound Westerlies,
Tempestuous antarctic seas,
Ancient depths disturbed”

“Last Moment”
6.5″ x 2.75″, Maple.
Turned, engraved and dyed

Rear View

Something Fun!

A jigsaw of my sculpture “Spectral Fantasy”

I’ve been looking for a way to upload a jigsaw puzzle to my website, here’s my first attempt. Click on the link below, you can adjust the number of pieces when you get there. Have fun!!!

This is the Spectral Fantasy sculpture

Spectral Fantasy

Sightless, the desert watches and waits

A 3D small sculpture (5.5"x4"x4")
using a cholla branch skeleton that looks like a reptilian skull. Colored and turned eyeballs are inserted into natural hollows

Dead cholla branches are fairly easily found in the desert. Most of the time I leave them alone, but occasionally small pieces shout out.

“Spectral Fantasy,
Lying in the sand….watching,
Without eyes, waiting”

No living animal was sacrificed in the creation of this trophy.

Cholla, Maple and Walnut; water-based aniline dyes and india ink.
H=5.5″ x 4″x 4″