Playing with form and finish

This 5.5″ tall, 6.5′ diameter cherry wood lidded vessel features an ebony handle whose curve mirrors that of the wood grain. The visibility of the grain is heightened by the use of transparent red aniline dye.

Multiple coats of tung oil were applied to create rich luster that is smooth and creamy to the touch. Renaissance crystalline wax was used for the final polish.

Hunger Moon

A turned wood sculpture representing the theme "hunger Moon". A red hemisphere (sun) supports a dark green/blue sphere (earth) which in turn penetrates an 18" turned disc that is carved and decorated with a spiral design representing the top of a saguaro cactus. in the center of the disc is a hand cradling the cold dry polar region

“Hunger Moon, 18′ diameter, 8″ height” is the ninth sculpture in my Moon series, celebrating the names given to the full moons by indigenous peoples of North America.

Hunger Moon is associated with February’s full Moon. At that time of the year, hunting and gathering would have been severely limited due to the cold and snow.

My interpretation shows an outstretched hand cradling the northern polar area of the earth as it pierces a basket illusion representing the top of a saguaro cactus.

This piece will have its inaugural reveal Friday March 11 at the Tubac Open Studio Tour. I will be located with 5 other artists at 2364 Camino Esplendido, Tubac, AZ.

“I disent” Update

…keep the flame alive

two sculptures as tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They include a representation of her "I disent" collar, the supreme court and a flame holder

I have now completed two tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. In these troubling times the Supreme Court appears to be moving in a direction where once again, men make decisions about women’s bodies without regard for their own culpability or the health, financial security, and safety of the women and families involved. Why is our society so hypocritically set on denying citizenship to DACA recipients, young people who are ready or already have entered the labor force to be productive, contributing citizens while forcing women to carry a pregnancy to term where the child faces an uncertain future. How we are missing the sage judgement of RBG.
The piece on the left, is at D&R Art Gallery and Studio – until Oct 9 (5350 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 156, Tucson, AZ) and the piece on the right is at On the Edge Contemporary Gallery, (19 Tubac Road, Suite 300, Tubac, AZ)

The Arizona Water Trilogy Story

…what we do, how we live and how blind faith is hard to derail

three images of my water use sculptures arranged in a horizontal line, with captions that tell the water story as I see it

As many of you know I have been working on developing a strategy to tell “The Arizona Water Story” as I see it so far. With the help of Photoshop, some creative editing of my thoughts, and printing on Aluminum, I finally have a strategy. I have morphed the three sculptures into 2D prints. When aligned together, they tell the story‚Ķ.

It’s not what we know,
but what we do
when we don’t know.

Humanity exists
on a thin line
Nature’s resilience

Natures’s Forces
may finally shake our faith in
Market Forces