“I disent” Update

…keep the flame alive

two sculptures as tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. They include a representation of her "I disent" collar, the supreme court and a flame holder

I have now completed two tributes to Ruth Bader Ginsberg. In these troubling times the Supreme Court appears to be moving in a direction where once again, men make decisions about women’s bodies without regard for their own culpability or the health, financial security, and safety of the women and families involved. Why is our society so hypocritically set on denying citizenship to DACA recipients, young people who are ready or already have entered the labor force to be productive, contributing citizens while forcing women to carry a pregnancy to term where the child faces an uncertain future. How we are missing the sage judgement of RBG.
The piece on the left, is at D&R Art Gallery and Studio – until Oct 9 (5350 E Broadway Blvd, Suite 156, Tucson, AZ) and the piece on the right is at On the Edge Contemporary Gallery, (19 Tubac Road, Suite 300, Tubac, AZ)

Corn Moon

I as Virgo wait…
Las tres hermanas juntas,
The Earth’s bounty waits.

Maple wood carving with copper of indigenous "three Sisters":corn, squash and beans

“Corn Moon” is the latest in my Full Moon series. I’ll admit that I was stumped for ideas when contemplating this piece. It wasn’t until I read Robin Wall Kimmeremer’s book “Braiding Sweetgrass” that I began to understand the significance of the Corn Moon.

Through multi-generational observation and story telling, indigenous peoples around the world have come to understand and explain the reciprocity to each other and the land that the “three sisters” (Corn, beans and squash) embody.

Here Corn Moon is more than about corn alone. It is tall and strong allowing beans to climb and set nitrogen in the soil which the corn needs to grow. Squash with its big shady leaves that keep the soil cool and moist, has strong tendrils that explore the neighboring land looking for places to rest its fruit as it grows. We see each plant with its distinctive characteristics growing together with a mutually beneficial synergy. Not only do the plants thrive, but they give food to us in return for allocating space where they can enjoy each other’s company.

Dimensions/Materials/Methods: 7.5″ diameter; 14.5″ tall; maple, sycamore, copper, aniline dyes, pyrography

Egg Moon

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon.

I have almost finished listening to Robin Wall Kimmerer reading her book “Braiding Sweetgrass”. Her ability to weave botany, and indigenous story telling together to reveal and explain the reciprocity of the natural world has been liberating for me.
While I started this piece well before the book, I believe it to be have come from the same source of respect and wonder at the natural world that is powered by our sun.

Egg Moon, is the 7th sculpture in my Full Moon series inspired by the indigenous names given to the full moon. It captures the spirit of rebirth that fills the air in springtime. Trees start to leaf out and energize our world, birds build nests, and the natural world lets loose in exuberant regrowth and renewal. “I as Virgo, breath the sweet airs of spring” 16.5″ x 11″, Ambrosia Maple, Sycamore, Hard maple, glass