“Possibility” moves on to a new home

… Moving on…the back story and bon-voyage

Ambrosia Maple burl, bass wood, Poplar, copper wax gilding.
10.5” tall, 5.5” diameter
“The hollow sphere is smooth and light, yet its visually intriguing surface invites contemplation…
…fitting perfectly between palms, it warms to the touch inviting thoughts of the future”

It is always exciting to see work move on to a new home. At the time I created this piece, my world had been turned on its head, and I was struggling to see the future. The piece emerged subconsciously from the confluence of exploring the possibilities of inside/outside turning and my own emotional transition into “singlehood”. One afternoon, while swimming in our local pool, I became mesmerized by my shadow on the pool floor. It was a bright sunny afternoon and I was trying to make long powerful strokes. A small wake appeared close to my head and my shadow kept appearing, disappearing and reforming. From those fleeting reflections, I envisioned female forms emerging, phoenix like, from the old, incomplete world supporting a new world order that is yet to be defined.
Initially, the backs of the three female figures faced outwards and were turned as a single unit. The three sections were then rotated to face outwards and carved to reveal the front of the figures.
The Globe at the top is hollow and free to be held.

The new guardian of this piece has recently moved to Green Valley. It is always bitter sweet to leave a place that you love, but new places hold special excitement too. I hope that Possibility’s globe will inspire and hold new dreams of the future.

Bon voyage….