Working with video for the first time

Completing my book “Path of the Cherimoya”

I have been using iMovie and Garage band on my Mac to compose short narratives for selected works. In the first YouTube video, “Path of the Cherimoya” I talk about my path to becoming a wood sculptor and introduce a pivotal piece that influenced my subsequent work in terms of integrating carving with turning and using transparent color. The second YouTube video, “Emptiness and Weightlessness” focuses again on a single piece of work. I talk about integrating a variety of turning strategies including inside/outside carving and thin-walled hollow turning, to visualize a story. The third video “Water Trilogy” showcases the techniques, challenges and motivation for creating three water themed sculptures.

My goal has been to keep these movies short. I have used my existing photo records for these retrospectives. I would be very interested in your comments and feedback. And if you are inclined, please don’t forget to “like” and subscribe.

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